Paperless Expo
“Paperless Expo” is a suite of digital marketing tools specially
designed for the exhibition industry, it’s consists of digital stamp
and mobile app., extremely simple and easy managing of all
contents during exhibition, also offers diversified value.
Benefit and Advantage
– Grow your event –

Boost networking, higher business deal rate

By sharing digital information through stamps and the mobile app,
exhibitors can offer any content (even video) to visitors. It’s an easy and fast solution that will boost your networking
and increase the business deals you make.

Richer engagement

Incorporates CRM so that participants can review their business history and past exhibitions,
enabling them to better engage in business and networking.

Higher rebooking rate

Easy registration and digital customer management make it easier for
past customers to repeat their business with you

Visual metrics

Easily track customers and see when, how many, and how long they stay at your booth,
as well as count their visits. This new visual index of information helps you better understand
what exhibition visitors and customers want.

Benefit and Advantage
– Add value to your event –

Match making

Beacon technology is used to provide an intelligent matchmaking service during exhibitions.
This enables participants to get more matches based on their interests.

Green exhibition

Exhibitors and visitors no longer need to worry about exhibition bags or carts.
By using smart technology, they all don’t need any printed materials,
which increases convenience and generates less environmental waste.

DB Utlization

Want to get more detailed information? Just touch to call,
email, or leave a voice message, and you quickly get can feedback.


The app will feature a customized banner that will
only show the visitors booths that match his interests

Price differentiation of standard booth

Offering differentiated price value through customer
tracking analysis that you can use for your next event.

Digital Marketing
Providing customized event service
– customer movement analytics
– O2O marketing with digital tool
– empowering offline business

Network Video Solution

IP-based products and solutions for security and video surveillance.

– Security Cameras
– Video Encoders, Accessories
– Access Control Products
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